Spotify just got a new feature! It can generate a kind of QR-codes or bar-codes for Spotify links, but infact it’s some totally new kind of line-code.

In the Spotify mobile-app, you can press on “…” and the app will show you the cover of your artist profile, playlist or song link together with the relevant Spotify-code. Now you can save the picture and send it via mail to your computer.

However you might realize pretty soon that the resolution Spotify is offering is really low. This is what Spotify is giving to you:

So if you wanna get this code into profile pictures or banners which have a decent resolution, you might need a bigger version. Spotify is not offering a better version yet, so here is a way to get a better resolution of a given Spotify-code. You will need Photoshop for this or another good picture editing program like maybe Inkscape.

  • Save the Spotify-code to your mobile phone.
  • Send it via Mail to your PC.
  • Open it with Photoshop.
  • Extract the code from the picture, in the example above extract the black lines on the orange background and the Spotify-logo. Also the logo is important, because without the logo, the code is not readable.
  • Use Image -> Adjust -> Threshold to get a black and white image. Now the picture might look pretty bad, but we can adjust it with a black & white pen.

  • Use the pen (black & white) and sharpen all edges, adjust all lines so that they all look equal, but of course still differently long and make sure the code is still readable for the app. The lines should be 6 pixels wide and 4 pixels on top and bottom – like this:

  • You can replace the spotify logo later with a better resolution logo from the internet. So now the logo might look a bit pixely, but that’s OK.

  • Stretch the code to the size of your choice. A width of 2000 or 3000 should be enough.
  • Use Image -> Adjust -> Threshold to get a black and white image again.
  • Sharpen all edges and adjust all lines again. Also make sure that all lines are equally wide. It might happen that longer lines get wider after stretching. Again make sure the code is still readable for the app. The lines might now look like this on the top and bottom:

  • Search on google for the Spotify logo as PNG, save it and replace the logo with the pixely logo in your picture.
  • Now the result should look like this:

  • Make all white transparent and save it as PNG. Now you can put this PNG on any picture, like profile pictures, banners, etc…, however you should make sure that you insert the code on a regular ground, for example a certain color that is in a good contrast to the lines and not some picture. This way, you make it easier for the app to read the code even for bad light situations or bad mobile-phone cameras.
  • In the end, it should look like this:

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