Aye Sailors!

Neptunica needs you now – all sailors! This video has to explode. Show it to everybody you know, give it a comment and a thumbs up, every single view counts! 🙂

Have a look! We did an awesome sailing boattrip to Neptunica Island with our friends Kati and Lisa! The weather was brilliant, the sun was shining, no cloud at all, the water was great… we simply can’t really tell you how marvelous this trip was.

Have a look at the impressions we took with our camera! 🙂

Before we startet the trip, we went along the coast to see some great landscape and scouted the surroundings and then actually startet sailing.

On the island you can observe some Poseidon statues. One is actually just next to the lighthouse. After a while the girls felt like swimming, while we took care of the boat! 😉

Lots of thanks to Kontor Records, especially Jens, Robert, Jan, Dany Wild and of course our girls Kati & Lisa!

Have a great day. Have fun with the video.


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