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– One last post by Nick –

Hey Sailors!

It’s Nick from Neptunica writing this – you know – the older guy.

During the last 3 years in which Neptunica existed, Max and I had great successes. 2 years ago, our song “Poseidon” was released, uploaded on Trap Nation and we were signed by Kontor Records.

Further successes were of course “Alive”, “Foreign Place” and “Learning To Fly” which reached many million streams on Spotify and YouTube. We had the chance to officially remix huge artists like Lost Frequencies, Gestört Aber Geil, Charming Horses, LIZOT and could perform on World Club Dome, Helene Beach Festival, Kontor Top Of The Clubs Tour and were booked all over Germany.

Still, we always had some difficulties, too. It was hard to be one act with two faces, living in over 400 km distance from each other, coordinating music production, creating content for social media and playing gigs. Also we have an age difference of incredible 14 years. That’s a lot and makes it really hard to approach, create and reach our target audience. Also, we have different skills, interests and strengths which can not really be combined, if we play the exact same role at Neptunica.

We think that all these problems can be fixed and Neptunica can be optimized with one simple change. From now on, Max will be the face of Neptunica and I will be pulling the strings from behind. There will no longer be “Max & Nick from Neptunica”, but just “Neptunica” with Max embodying the act and me coordinating, managing, guiding and protecting young Max as Neptunica a little in this mad world and music industry. Songs have always been produced by both of us and this will stay the same.

This way, we can combine our skills, interests and strengths, it will be easier to create content for social media and we can be a lot more effective.

Special thanks go to our team, label and management, Kontor Records, one of the very, very few labels that are relevant, trustworthy and fun to work with. They believe in us and give us the opportunity to live our dream, which is creating music for you guys and living from that. We would like to clarify, that our management did not come up with this idea or decision. It’s completely decided between us two and just approved by them.

We will still be a team and “Neptunica” will hopefully exist for very long! 🙂 We know that we have great fans and if you feel like it, you may share your thoughts with us about this in the comments.


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