Producing Music via internet has become our most common way of producing music together. We send FLP-files back and forth and forth and back – until we finish the track.

This time, during summer 2015, I visited Måx in Berlin for one week. Special thanks to his mom at this point, who was a wonderful host! Måx is just 15yo, so he lives with his mom of course. 🙂

So we were sitting together on this project and finished it 90% in Berlin. The result is a chillin’ summer Tropical House track with a really nice piano break and a catchy hookline!

We also chose this song to be part of our FREE EP, which will be available pretty soon! 🙂

The cover which you can see on Soundcloud was chosen REALLY careful by Måx. It nearly drove me crazy: “Shall we take THIS version – or THAT version?” I voted for THIS version, but Måx wanted the other one. It was fine for me, so I said – “whatever – let’s take the one you like most”. So he basically kept changing his opinion over and over and voted always for the picture which I did not choose. Seems he had a lot of fun! 😀

Still… Have fun with the song, we hope you like it! 😉


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