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Neptunica – Learning to Fly (ft. M. Maggie)

Aye aye Sailors!

It seems like were really fast. Tom Petty died on October 2nd – and just 11 days later we release a cover of his song “Learning To Fly”.

But infact we have planned this release for a long time. The rough first version of the beat was done in 2016 already and in January 2017 we decided to ask M. Maggie if she would like to feature that song. We knew her from her huge success TRNDSTTR by Black Coast ft. M. Maggie. On Cloud Kid, the Lucian Remix has over 90 Million streams and on Trap Nation another 40 million. This was one of the first huge Future Bass songs and indeed a trendsetter for this completely new genre which is so popular nowadays.

M. Maggie agreed to join in the collab and has sent us the vocals in March. But we still had a lot of songs in our pipeline and the vocals were really complex with many voices and harmonies, so it was still a lot of work to cut and edit them. You may realise that when you listen to the pre-chorus and how many voices she has put into this. Also the hook-part was not ready yet.

In September, we finished the song finally. Yes that’s actually a pretty long time. Thanks Maggie for being so patient with us. Meanwhile it was such a huge project that our PC was stuttering a lot. Kontor liked the song and scheduled it for release on October 13th and they also put it onto their compilation Kontor Trapical 2018 which will be released on October 27th, where we will present one CD.

Just 11 days before the release, Tom Petty died because of a cardiac arrest really suddenly and the release stood in a totally different light. You see: This release has nothing to do with the death of Tom Petty. It was all done already. Rest in peace – we love your music, especially Learning to Fly. Those chords are just amazing. They make you feel euphoric, independant and free.

Still we don’t see why we should hide that song now. We’ve put a lot of time and effort in this and we are sure, that people will like it and that it hits the sound of the time.

Learning to fly is also part of Kontor Trapical 2018 compilation (scroll down).

Love and peace

Max & Nick

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