Aye sailors!

This is my latest single “Figure It Out”. I know – it does not sound as the tracks that I have done so far, but as the 80s pop out in todays times more and more, I think it is time to give that genre also a little Neptunica-twist.

I wrote this song together with my friends Nick, Jack & Alexander with the intention that it’s time for a change in our society. Everybody is trying to get famous and is striving for power, it’s so easy to forget humanity these days. This song tells the story how we see the world right now and that we need to figure it out together how to overcome the recent issues for a bright future. As a dance music producer this song is a completely new step for me and I hope people like the futuristic sound and the message as much as I do.

Here are all links for you: https://ktr.lnk.to/Neptunica-FigureItOut


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