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Neptunica – Aphrodite

Aye aye Sailors!

Happy release day: Aphrodite is OUT NOW! 🙂

As you might hear – this is a collaboration with TheFatRat. His style and sound design is very unique. However, we also added a lot of Neptunica flavor to it. After Poseidon and Olymp, Aphrodite is our 3rd song without vocals and we released it on TheFatRats label The Arcadium / Universal Music AB.

Because of that, the song is “Copyright Free”, which means you can upload it to your YouTube channel, monetize it and also use it for streaming, although of course it is nevertheless and of course copyrighted.

We consider this song to be “Gaming Trap” or also Trapical. You might feel a little urge to keep re-playing the song on and on. If that’s the case, we made a 1 feakin’ hour version for you which will be uploaded on Sunday evening! 🙂

Max & Nick

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