One day, Nîcks attention fell on Spinnin Records’ remix contest of KSHMRs Jammu. We thaught the melody is really cool and it could be a unique topic to use for our Neptunica-Melodic-House-Style! The remix became close to Progressive House, but we still think we stayed with our style.

During the contest, we promoted the song a lot and collected many votes for it. But unfortunately, they actually got deleted 2-3 weeks before the contest ended because Spinnin-Records-Talent-Pool-votes expire by time (approximately one week life-time). We think this voting system is totally senseless and unfair because despite all our effort, our track was really far at the end of the voting, so there was no attention-plus for our remix at all.

In the end, we don’t even know if some Spinnin’ Records A&R has been listening to it, but still an actually really good remix has won the contest. You should have a look at the winner song, it is reposted on our account and in our REPOST OF THE DAY playlist!

But we really hope that YOU like our version of KSHMRs Jammu

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