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Calmani & Grey feat. Chad Clemens – To The Moon And Back (Neptunica Remix)

Aye Sailors!

This release actually has a long history. Two years ago, we contacted Chad Clemens if he would like to join in a collab. He instantly agreed but was a little slow in writing lyrics, so we suggested to do a cover of Savage Gardens “To The Moon And Back” first. A later result of this collab was “Got My Attention” and “Moonlight Girl” (“Like This”).

We finished the project, but back in the days no label liked the mix, so we have thrown it out as a free download. Somewhere you still might find the old version uploaded on some server, but we try to get it deleted everywhere, because we want to focus on the new mixes.

Still we did not think that this would be the end of the topic, because the vocals were so strong! So we sent this vocal around to other artists if they would join in a collab to give this song a fresh new touch and more power, so it would be more likely to get a good label for it. Sebastien for example liked the vocal but had too many releases planned already.

So we’ve sent it to our friends Calmani & Grey and they asked their publishing company to get the permission for an offical cover. After one year we got the “yes” and Calmani & Grey did a new original mix for it. We added a Neptunica Remix and BlackBonez added an awesome and more clubby Future House remix. WePlay, the label of Robin Schulz loved the result and signed the song. So here is the awesome result of approximately 2 years of work, management and waiting for a better! 😀

We really hope that you like the result and the new mixes by Calmani & Grey, BlackBonez and us!

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