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BONEZ MC & RAF Camora – 500 PS (Neptunica Remix)

Aye sailors!

Yes, this one might polarize. Some of you might hate it, since it contains German rap – still – some of you might love it, since it is a remix of a really huge hit over here in Germany with fresh and new trap sounds in it.

This time, I will only upload it on my YouTube channel and also on Soundcloud.

If you don’t like it too much, please don’t be disappointed, because I have a fresh release on Kontor Records going on next friday! “Never” is going to come out on march 15th. It is a collaboration together with Neotune! and female vocalist Neea.

A full EP will follow 4 weeks later, with the next track being revealed already on march 29th!

Here is the presafe link for you:

So far, I still hope you enjoy this one!



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