Hi Guys!

First of all – we are sorry, but we can not give you permission to use all songs of us, just like that and monetize it, because for some mixes, we have no rights anymore!

Here is a list of our songs which can be critical:

  • Poseidon (allowed but you can not monetize it)
  • Demons (allowed but you can not monetize it)
  • Alive (allowed but you can not monetize it)
  • Can’t Let You Go (allowed but you can not monetize it)
  • Foreign Place (not allowed at all)
  • Ritual (not allowed at all)
  • Moonlight Girl (not allowed at all)
  • Nighttime Baby (not allowed at all)
  • Unstoppable (not allowed at all)
  • Olymp (not allowed at all)
  • Like This (not allowed at all)

If you want to use a free download song in your video or anywhere else, that is fine, we are even happy about it.

List of songs, which you can use:

*You will get a publishing claim (not from us) and monetization will be shared with that publishing company.

Of course we would also be happy when you credit us also in the videotitle or the video itself! Just copy-paste the social links of the song into the description of the video! 

You know – sharing is caring! 🙂
Måx & Nîck
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